Graphic Design Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

We are sure that you have experienced what we have experienced about design—the combined effects of graphic design, marketing, and psychology. Whether you design a website or design a logo, you need a good choice of colour, font, pictures, and a developed concept based on research about your target market. The quality of design depends on the designer’s taste, and a good designer should have a good sense of the world around them and a good eye to capture its beauty.

We try to apply our creativity and expertise to the design of your website, poster, brochure, business card, or logo to create an exceptional brand image for your business. We believe that the combination of consistency, creativity and consideration for the needs of your target audience make a big difference in design. 

We offer you the following graphic design packages if you have an applicable idea.

Graphic Design Packages

graphic Design packages Brisbane


It takes time for design to happen as a result of convergent thinking. Therefore, our prices change based on how many revisions we make.

For graphic design services, the hourly rate will be $40/per additional revision

Let’s work together to make graphic design a success!

Our goal is to make your experience fun and memorable.

Graphic Design Benefits

Brand recognition

You can establish your company’s visual identity through graphic design, reflecting your company’s mission and values. Creating your company’s brand starts with a great logo and extends to all forms of business communication, including stationery, presentation templates, brochures, ads, websites, and video. 

These components support and contribute to your brand’s identity. Having a good graphic designer can help you create a connection between your brand, your company’s mission, its values, and the products and services you offer.

Increase saleS

Running a business requires long-term planning. It is becoming challenging to stand out in today’s ever-growing marketplace. Establishing a brand and identity through good design effectively communicates who you are, what you do, and why your customer needs your products or services.
Excellent graphic design can increase your visibility and convert your audience into buyers, increasing sales. All of these contribute to one powerful result: an increase in sales and revenue for your company.


Brand recognition and identity are only two aspects of graphic design. Graphic design can be an effective way to catch your audience’s attention and encourage them to learn more. 

In addition, it can be used to create visual aids to help you communicate your ideas more effectively. Images convey information that is difficult to describe with words alone. 

So, professionally designed images can help reinforce your message and create a positive impression.
One of the best graphic design tactics is to use images, because images are much more effective at communicating complex messages than words. The photos must be unique and relevant to appeal to the search engines and optimize your rankings on the web.

Save Money

Investing in high-quality graphic design pays off, even if you have a limited marketing budget. Poor design is often the result of cheap design. Ultimately, poor design can be so costly. While it may seem counterintuitive, without the expertise of a professional graphic designer, you may end up with a product that will not print clearly.

This may be due to layout inconsistencies or colour management issues or a design that will not print correctly due to the wrong formatting. You may be paying more for the crowdsourced logo than one from an experienced graphic designer because changes, delays, and redesigns cost money.

How Can We Help Your Business as a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane, Australia?

Rainbow Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Brisbane that provides graphic design services to Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses. Our graphic design services help your business enhance your brand identity, increase sales, and save money.

Our graphic design services are based on research and creativity. So, what do we do? We research your customers or clients, we wear your customers’ shoes, and we look at the world from their eyes to understand what they need and to experience what they experience. We promise to create magic for your business just using visual attraction.

Boost your sales with the help of our graphic designers in Brisbane. Sometimes, just looking different can make a difference. Our graphic designers in Brisbane, Australia, are experts at looking at your product or service from different perspectives. The location of our copywriting experts is Brisbane, Australia. We guarantee that you will have a unique experience with us.