One Scenario for All Businesses

Markets are competitive, dynamic and complex. There are high levels of uncertainty in the business environment, and when you step into the virtual business world, all you hear is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ranking higher in Google Search is equal to a higher Profit Margin.

Understanding SEO is a journey. The first concept that you encounter is the difference between Organic Search Results and Google Ads.

You decide that you want your website to come up in the Organic Search Result. What is the next step?

You may search for “SEO Brisbane”, “SEO Australia” or “Best SEO Services in Australia” and when you see your search result, you find that even a marketing agency pays for advertisements on Google. How come? What is going on?

To be honest with you, SEO is not as simple as it seems. There is no single strategy to ensure SEO success. Instead, SEO is a long-term project, but short-term strategies still work. As an example, improving the content of a website based on SEO criteria is a short-term strategy, but link-building needs time.

Our SEO services are based on the most Up-to-Date strategies,

Search Engine optimization packages:

SEO Auditing

Providing a report that assesses your website against SEO criteria.

SEO auditing package

Keyword Plan

Providing a list of the words that improve the visibility of your website.

Price $100 per page
Keyword package

Content Optimizing Plan

Re-writing your website based on the keyword plan.

Price $300 per page
Content optimizing plan

Long-term Content Plan

Reviewing and editing your webpage based on keyword strategies.

Price$500 per month
Long-term content package

Internal Link-Building

Using internal link-building strategies to optimize your website.

price$299 to 1500 per project
Link-building package

Local SEO

Using different SEO strategies to optimize your website’s local visibility.

Price$500 to 2000 per project
Local SEO

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