Social Media Marketing Will Boost Your Business Performance

Search engine optimization (SEO)is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and brand awareness and to sell more services or products in the digital world. However, it needs hard work and the investment of lots of money and time. We propose that our clients, especially start-ups and small businesses, invest their money on social media SEO strategies because they pay off sooner. Once you have attracted more customers or clients through social media organic posts and advertisements, you can then invest more money on increasing your visibility on Google through a compelling long-term digital marketing strategy. 

Social Media Implementation Package

  • Creating and optimizing up to 4 social media profiles and pages, 100% profile completion, using keywords and strategies that boost your visibility.
  • Choosing and creating one social media platform to manage posts.
  • Delivering one Social Media Booklet includes the keywords, hashtags, and strategies you should use to optimize your social media campaigns (ads, posts, stories, and lives).
  • Running the first-week social media campaign, including six posts and two stories. 
  • Up to 8 hours of teaching and training in social media management strategies and how to use the social media management platform.
  • Support for your social media campaigns over three months (2 hours of consultation every month) to monitor social media campaign performance, including professional suggestions to optimize your social media advertising campaign.

Social Media Post Packages

We provide monthly and occasional social media Posting plans.

Creating professionally designed posts and stories (animation and video) with a monthly plan.

Monthly Social Media Post Plan

DescriptionNumber of PostsNumber of VideosPrice
Social Media Monthly Post Package

Occasional Social Media Post Plan

DescriptionNumber of PostsNumber of VideosPrice
Social Media Occasional Post Package

Social Media Management

Social media management is our exceptional service. We design your posts and manage your social media ads and posts. We also release monthly social media reports (for each social media platform). Assessing and analysing the performance of your posts and ads allows you to develop a long-term social media plan to increase the effectiveness of your social media advertising campaign to reach more target audiences and increase sales or promote your services. For more information about this service and the price, please get in touch with us.